Good night, and sweet screams.


Okay, so I'm pretty fucking shy when it comes to interacting with new people. But once I get a feel for who you are, I sort-of adapt to "okay how much of me can this person tolerate?" and can pretty much get along with anybody so long as they aren't a total douche-bag. (Please don't be a douche-bag!)

I was born in October of 1990 and I'm female. La, la, la. Video games yeah? Pretty much all you'll find here unless something slips through. I probably have the worst fucking luck with RNGs in video games and just situations that spawn so hopefully when I get around to recording you can laugh at me. <3

Add me?

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Psn: Rolling-Fog
Origin: HostileOasis
S4 League: Neurology
Steam: /oases
Xbl: AnatomicalHeart
Youtube / Stream coming soon
(And by soon I mean as soon as I get less shitty internet and proper recording/editing software. So probably never. Maybe a few more games that are relevant to the times. Or you know, a better fucking system.)

Wtf are these tags?

  • If you're looking for a specific video game, there's a 99.99% chance it has it's own tag.

  • Pretty sure you can figure this out on your own.

  • Feel free to suggest a game I should try out!
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    It should would be a lovely thing if I were able to log in to the fucking Aion forums. This has been going on for well over a year, and Support still can’t tell me anything. Two separate PCs, multiple accounts, different browsers… and nothing. Not one fucking solution.

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    hi followers! i have reached 450 followers so i decided to do a giveaway for you guys because youre all just so incredible 

    -Must be following me 
    -Obviously gonna need to be comfortable in giving me your -friend code
    -Reblogs and likes both count
    -Reblog as much as you want, (the more reblogs, the better chance youll win) just dont piss off your followers
    -There will be 3 winners! First place chooses pokemon of choice, second chooses one of the remaining two and so on
    -You’ll have 24 hours to respond or i will move on (sorry)
    -This ends July 25th so go crazy 

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    I’ve been dumping 5IV Skarmory into Wonder Trade all day and finally just trading the last slot over and over again until I get something interesting and

    I got a zigzagoon

    and someone gave me their Yveltal.

    If you’re on Tumblr and you want your Yveltal back I will totally give it back that’s a crappy trade ;n; I’m sorry Jirou.

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    We go forward.

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    Bryan’s Horde Hunting Shiny Guide

    Here is my latest guide to help you guys get more Shiny Pokemon. Any questions, feel free to ask me. Enjoy and Good Luck! :)

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    redhonedge’s 637 follower giveaway!

    so i’ve been meaning to do this giveaway for awhile now, but finally i have the means of supplying for it after getting off my lazy butt! and what better reason to have a giveaway than for hitting my next hundred (and thirty-seven) followers!

    what is being given away!

    • nine shiny eevees for every eeveelution, including the base evo of eevee!
    • four have their HA, five have run away
    • they are all level thirty with varying stats/ivs, all male but with one run away lady!
    • three are equipped with their evolutionary stones in the case you want to evolve any one of them
    • all nine eevees are nicknameable and are perfectly legit, being no power saves or other hacking method used on them.


    • while this is in celebration of 600 (and thirty-seven) followers, you don’t have to be following me. i’m a 100% pokemon blog but uh i also post dumb things so you might not wanna take that risk.
    • there will be one winner getting all of these cuties!
    • you need to be able to provide your ign/fc.
    • likes/reblogs count. there are unlimited reblogs but please do not spam your followers or you’ll simply be ignored.
    • no giveaway blogs, being blogs who reblog exclusively giveaways. i’ll check!
    • i have any right to decide to pick another winner, whether it is because it turns out you have derogatory content on your blog or are otherwise a jerkish person (from what i have seen and looked into—i will be doing my research.)
    • since people love female eevees, if you ask nicely, i’ll swap out some of the males for females instead—no, i do not have females readily available. but i have nothing better to do so i’m more than happy to hunt for shiny females if you ask nicely. please be reasonable, if you do request this, i may not be able to fulfill it immediately!

    one last thing!

    • for every 750 notes i’ll add in a mystery shiny pokemon. it might be another eevee, it might be a shiny i bred—who knows? you’ll have to find out!

    this ends on september 1st!

    credit for gif: shinycaterpie

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    I want to talk about Burnie Burns




    I want to talk about how much Burnie Burns loves his employees. I want to talk about how proud he is of his people, and how much respect he has for them. And I also want to talk about how protective he is of them.

    I want to talk about how he was worried over Jack having Deep Vein Thrombosis so he called him to check on him a lot.

    I want to talk about how he thought Gavin was sad, so he sent him a very nice text about how ‘a home is where people love you’

    I want to talk about how he was so worried about there being shotgun shells around Millie, thAT HE BROKE INTO THE RAMSEY’S HOUSE AT 4 IN THE MORNING TO GET THEM

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